middle ages fortresses
middle ages fortresses
arhangel Is there anyone who can send me a pictures and information from some fortresses from Macedonia!? May be Shtip , Prilep, Strumica....other one?! My interess is castles and fortresses from middle ages. I'll be very glad to comunicate with somebody with the same interesses like me...
arhangel thank's a lot...:) know you something more about Prilep's history...I think this is a Markovi kuli town with fortress. Am I correct ?! /you can write macedonian please! I'm affraid your english is better then mine / http://www.photosafaribg.com/ intressting site about travelling and tourism in Rodopi mountain...
dejan I have a few images of Ohrid and Prilep fortesses. http://www.pbase.com/alangrant/image/38184169 http://www.pbase.com/alangrant/image/38184179 http://www.pbase.com/alangrant/image/38184178 http://www.pbase.com/alangrant/image/38184177
dejan I can understand your english, i have some links here about Prilep's history. The real link doesn't seem to be working, so just go here, http://faq.macedonia.org/travel/ and click on Prilep, you will get a lot of information about Prilep's history:)
arhangel Thank's a lot :)