FULL ALBUMS - mixed genre
FULL ALBUMS - mixed genre
01 THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING, MORE TO COME... TRANCE - HARDCORE Various Artists - Hellraiser 2005 - 34MB - 150kbs dld speed [img]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y97/ZeRoOnEoNeZeRo/ZeRoOnE_E-Noid-Hellraiser2005.jpg[/img] [code]00 - Hellraiser-(mrv078)-vinyl-2005-sq.m3u 1 KB 00 - Hellraiser-(mrv078)-vinyl-2005-sq.sfv 1 KB A1 - E-Noid - Antichrist 6,717 KB A2 - Alienator - 7 Gods of chaos 7,134 KB B1 - Negative A & Darkcontroller - Mad insane 6,613 KB B2 - D-Xtreme - This is the sound of the underground 6,490 KB B3 - Slavefriese - Stay down with the hardcore 7,040 KB[/code] [code]CD 2: 01 Meander - Ghosting-exb.mp3 7,065 KB 02 Ophidian - Sleepwalking-exb.mp3 7,641 KB 03 Ophidian - Skinbitten-exb.mp3 7,413 KB 04 Enzyme X - Problem Child-exb.mp3 5,500 KB 05 Ophidian as Raziel - To Punish The Weak-exb.mp3 6,039 KB 06 Meander - Kristanna-exb.mp3 2,376 KB 07 Ophidian - Lynced-exb.mp3 6,880 KB 08 Ophidian - Pepperspray-exb.mp3 5,623 KB 09 Enzyme X - Dissimulation-exb.mp3 5,446 KB 10 Meander - Equating The Unequal-exb.mp3 812 KB 11 Ophidian - Sxienxe-exb.mp3 5,350 KB 12 Ophidian - Mako-exb.mp3 5,805 KB 13 Ophidian - The Middle Children-exb.mp3 10,327 KB 14 Meander - Daybreak (Do Birds Dream)-exb.mp3 9,629 KB[/code] [code]f*p:// Meander - Ghosting-exb.mp3 f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p://[/code] ****************************************************************************************** GABBA OPHIDIAN/RAZIEL/MEANDER - Tomorrow Is A Promise Betrayed By Daylight March 7th, 2005 [img]http://images.juno.co.uk/full/CS171639-01A-BIG.jpg[/img] [img]http://images.juno.co.uk/full/CS171639-01B-BIG.jpg[/img] [code]CD1: 01 Meander - Nightfall-exb.mp3 2,427 KB 02 Ophidian - Angel-exb.mp3 8,738 KB 03 Ophidian - Butterfly VIP-exb.mp3 9,984 KB 04 Ophidian - Crime Passionelle-exb.mp3 7,578 KB 05 Enzyme X - Kissing The Enemy-exb.mp3 5,649 KB 06 Meander - Cepdemo-exb.mp3 2,568 KB 07 Enzyme X - Prankster-exb.mp3 4,980 KB 08 Ophidian - Formshift-exb.mp3 7,108 KB 09 Ophidian - Phaseshift-exb.mp3 5,366 KB 10 Meander - 831 Mixdown-exb.mp3 2,082 KB 11 Ophidian as Raziel - To Destroy What is Broken-exb.mp3 5,663 KB 12 Enzyme X - Fytoftora-exb.mp3 5,012 KB 13 Ophidian - Disresepcted Intervention-exb.mp3 6,881 KB 14 Meander - Stick-exb.mp3 5,241 KB[/code] [code] f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p://[/code] [code]CD 2: 01 Meander - Ghosting-exb.mp3 7,065 KB 02 Ophidian - Sleepwalking-exb.mp3 7,641 KB 03 Ophidian - Skinbitten-exb.mp3 7,413 KB 04 Enzyme X - Problem Child-exb.mp3 5,500 KB 05 Ophidian as Raziel - To Punish The Weak-exb.mp3 6,039 KB 06 Meander - Kristanna-exb.mp3 2,376 KB 07 Ophidian - Lynced-exb.mp3 6,880 KB 08 Ophidian - Pepperspray-exb.mp3 5,623 KB 09 Enzyme X - Dissimulation-exb.mp3 5,446 KB 10 Meander - Equating The Unequal-exb.mp3 812 KB 11 Ophidian - Sxienxe-exb.mp3 5,350 KB 12 Ophidian - Mako-exb.mp3 5,805 KB 13 Ophidian - The Middle Children-exb.mp3 10,327 KB 14 Meander - Daybreak (Do Birds Dream)-exb.mp3 9,629 KB[/code] [code]f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p:// f*p://[/code]
01 ROCK - FOLK ROCK The Best of Simon & Garfunkel [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED] - 29.1MB - 1.2mbs dld speed November 16, 1999 [img]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y97/ZeRoOnEoNeZeRo/ZeRoOnE_best_of_simone.jpg[/img]
  • The Sound of Silence
  • Homeward Bound
  • I Am a Rock
  • The Dangling Conversation
  • Scarborough Fair Canticle
  • The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
  • A Hazy Shade of Winter
  • At the Zoo
  • Fakin' It [Mono Version]
  • Mrs. Robinson
  • Old Friends Bookends
  • The Boxer
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water
  • Cecilia
  • The Only Living Boy in New York
  • Song for the Asking
  • El Condor Pasa (If I Could)
  • For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her [Live]
  • America
  • My Little Town
REVIEW: Augmenting 1972's Greatest Hits with additional tracks, Best of... now stands as the preeminent one-disc introduction to the music of Simon & Garfunkel. Containing everything Greatest Hits offered except for the live version of "59th Street Bridge Song" (the original studio hit resurfaces here) and the incandescent "Kathy's Song," the updated retrospective boasts 20 tracks, in contrast to its predecessor's 14 selections. Added to the mix are the likes of "Hazy Shade of Winter," "The Only Living Boy in New York," "Song for the Asking," and "My Little Town," a one-off the twosome did five years after they ended their phenomenally successful partnership. Remastered from the original source tapes, Best of... also boasts far superior sound to the earlier hits collection. --Steven Stolder [code]h**p://www.tabloid-war.com/tunes/Simon%20&%20Garfunkel.zip[/code] ****************************************************************************************** HARD ROCK & METAL VAN HALEN - Fair Warning [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED] - 29.2MB - 60kbs dld speed April 29, 1981 [img]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y97/ZeRoOnEoNeZeRo/ZeRoOnE_val_halen.jpg[/img]
  • Mean Street
  • Dirty Movies
  • Sinner's Swing!
  • Hear About It Later
  • Unchained
  • Push Comes to Shove
  • So This Is Love?
  • Sunday Afternoon in the Park
  • One Foot Out the Door
REVIEW: Van Halen's party-hardy with her [...] around her ankles theme took a sharp turn toward the dark side with the release of Fair Warning in '81. Partly because the band was beginning to age a bit, but mostly due to the fact that David Lee Roth's lyrics were being shaped by recent holiday trips to Haiti (of all Places). The realization came to Roth after finnally seeing that Haiti was not really a place of merriment for rich rock stars looking to party all over the world. Thus we see the change to darker, more frank lyrics (Mean Streets, Unchained). There is a bit of the ol' Diamond Dave represented here (Sinner's Swing, One foot out the Door) but the dark edges never quiet leave the entire collections of tunes. Ed Van Halen's then latest collection of authentic riffs give the album the toughness needed for the darker side, his sense of humor in his style being put aside for a more gritty, and dense playing. Fair Warning should have been a cross-roads for the band to progress into a more mature adult-oriented rock and roll band, but time shows it as the beginning of the end of the "Classic" Van Halen lineup, which preceeded the melancholy Sammy Hagar era. Fair Warning stands on its own merits as a classic Van Halen offering, it stands toe to toe with any other effort from the band. It seems that the direction the band took for Fair Warning could have moved them into the direction of such "serious" bands such as The Who or Led Zeppelin as their careers progressed, and would have allowed them to leave the "party band" image that Ed Van Halen is so intent of shedding nowadays. But it's all ancient history today. [code]PART 1: h**p://sr1.mytempdir.com/21314 PART 2: h**p://sr1.mytempdir.com/21321[/code] ****************************************************************************************** HARD ROCK & METAL VAN HALEN - Diver Down [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED] - 29.3MB - 60kbs dld speed April 14, 1982 [img]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y97/ZeRoOnEoNeZeRo/ZeRoOnE_val_halen_diver_down.jpg[/img]
  • Where Have All The Good Times Gone!
  • Hang 'Em High
  • Cathedral
  • Secrets
  • Intruder
  • (Oh) Pretty Woman
  • Dancing In The Street
  • Little Guitars (Intro)
  • Little Guitars
  • Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)
  • The Full Bug
  • Happy Trails
REVIEW: Diver Down is the great overlooked Van Halen album. In my opinion it's one of their best albums but for some reason it's just overlooked by everyone. It was a great followup to an even greater album, Fair Warning. Diver Down for the most part is half cover songs and half originals with some instrumentals thrown in. I'll review the cover songs first. The first cover on the album is of the Kinks' classic Where Have All the Good Times Gone?, the Mighty Van Halen's version blows the original away. The only hit from this album was the cover of Roy Orbison's (OH)Pretty Woman, they did a great version of this song also. They also cover the classic song Dancing in the Streets, a lot of people say this is their worst song but I thin they did an excellent job on the song, David Lee Roth sounds great. The last two covers on the album are strange ones indeed, the first one is called Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)it is a very slow ragtime sounding song, it features Jan Van Halen (Eddie and Aelx's father) on clarinet, then the song that closes the album is Happy Trails, the VH boys do a great song on this song also, the background vocals are great and Dave's voice fits the song. So that's the story on the cover songs, now the first original is called Hang em High. This song is typical early Van Halen and it's amazing. Great guitar riff and eccentric drumming by Alex. Cathedral is a short Eddie instrumental, then it goes into Secrets. It is a good song, very underrated. Little Guitars is without a doubt the best song on the album, and no doubt one of Van Halen's best. The song is very catchy and poppy. The last original on the album is The Full Bug, this is also one of the best Van Halen songs ever. There is a short acoustic intro before kicking into a great rocker. Everything about this album is great, any fan of great music should pick this up, don't listen to what everybody says, and don't overlook this masterpiece [code]PART 1: h**p://sr1.mytempdir.com/21502 PART 2: h**p://sr1.mytempdir.com/21504[/code] ****************************************************************************************** PROGRESSIVE TRANCE ID & T Presents Sensation 2005 - Belgium - 268MB - 150kbs dld speed April 14, 2005 Frankly, this is one of the best sets you'll listen to. [img]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y97/ZeRoOnEoNeZeRo/000-va_-_id_and_t_presents_sensation_belgium-2cd-2005-front-hb.jpg[/img] [img]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y97/ZeRoOnEoNeZeRo/000-va_-_id_and_t_presents_sensation_belgium-2cd-2005-back-hb.jpg[/img] [img]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y97/ZeRoOnEoNeZeRo/000-va_-_id_and_t_presents_sensation_belgium-2cd-2005-cd1-hb.jpg[/img] [img]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y97/ZeRoOnEoNeZeRo/000-va_-_id_and_t_presents_sensation_belgium-2cd-2005-cd2-hb.jpg[/img]
    Cd 1
  • Zeus: Ruler Of The Gods
  • Soul Central: Strings Of Life
  • David Guetta: The World is Mine
  • Gadjo: So Many Times
  • Benjamin Bates: Locked Up (Tin Man Sensational 2005 Rework)
  • Ridgewalkers Feat. El: Find
  • Armin van Buuren: Birth Of An Angel
  • Sean Callery: The Longest Day (24) (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
  • Phynn: Lucid (Original Mix)
  • MIKE: Massive Motion (Original Mix)
  • Fred Baker: Confirmation
  • Marcos: Cosmic Strings (Original Mix)
  • Mindcrusher: Vision 5 (Alex Morph Remix)
  • Yves Deruyter: Born Slippy (Orignal Mix)
  • Joop: The World
  • Max Walder & Manu Keaton: Adrenalin
  • Dark Alliance: Vibration (Original Mix)
  • Venus : Goddess Of Love
    Cd 2
  • Eros: God Of Desire And Passion
  • First & Andre: Widescreen (Sensation Anthem Belgium)
  • Cut&Run: Outerspace (Booty Mix)
  • Ernesto & Bastian: Darkside Of The Moon (Dogzilla Mix)
  • Marco V: More than a life Away (Preach Mix)
  • Marcel Woods: Cherry Blossom (Original Mix)
  • Miller & Fijneman: San Pedro (Original Mix)
  • Commander Tom: Attention (F&W Mix)
  • Jones & Stephenson:First rebirth (Airwave Remix)
  • Demeter: Creator Of New Life
  • The Mega Mix
  • Zeus: The White Gods
  • Rozalla: Everybody's Free
  • Didier Sinclair & Dj Chris Pi: Heavenly
  • Benjamin Bates: Whole
  • Daan: Swedish Designer Drugs
  • Alter Ego: Rocker
  • Black Strobe: Italian Fireflies
  • Calabria: Rune
  • Green Velvet: Flash
  • Southside Spinners: Luvstruck
  • Cygnus X: Superstring (Rank 1 Remix)
  • Rank : Beats At Rank-1 Dotcom
  • Ron Van Den Beuken: Endless
  • Nagasaki: Scorpio Rising
  • Sonic inc.: Taste Of Summer
  • Underworld: Born Slippy
  • TiŽsto: Adagio For Strings
  • Armani & Ghost: Airport
  • Armani & Ghost: My House
  • Jordan & Baker: Explode
  • Svenson & Gielen: Twisted
  • Junk Project: Control
  • Universal Nation: Push
  • TiŽsto: Flight 643
  • First & Andre: Widescreen (Sensation Belgium Theme)
[code]f*p://[/code] ******************************************************************************************
01 SINGLES - Various Artists
    h**p:// acendit_deus.mp3">acendit_deus.mp3 23-Mar-1998 02:05 236k all_my_trials.mp3">all_my_trials.mp3 23-Mar-1998 02:08 407k alleluia.mp3">alleluia.mp3 23-Mar-1998 02:14 948k alma_mater.mp3 23-Mar-1998 02:15 138k ave_maria.mp3 17-Jan-1999 18:33 2.2M baby_come_back_to_me.mp3 05-Jan-2000 13:40 1.4M battle_of_jericho.mp3 23-Mar-1998 02:18 375k climb_to_the_top.mp3 05-Jan-2000 13:40 2.2M coronation_mass.mp3 17-Jan-1999 18:33 5.4M cry_out_and_shout.mp3 23-Mar-1998 02:19 167k doing_the_latest_rag.mp3 05-Jan-2000 13:40 1.6M exsultate_deo.mp3 17-Jan-1999 18:33 1.9M exultate.mp3 23-Mar-1998 02:21 267k for_the_beauty_of_the_earth.mp3 23-Mar-1998 02:24 541k gloria.mp3 23-Mar-1998 02:28 499k glory_to_the_great_i_am.mp3 23-Mar-1998 02:30 297k go_tell_it_on_the_mountain.mp3 05-Jan-2000 13:40 1.3M go_ye_now_in_peace.mp3 23-Mar-1998 02:31 231k heilig.mp3 17-Jan-1999 18:33 1.6M i_love_you_lord.mp3">i_love_you_lord.mp3 17-Jan-1999 18:33 2.2M il_est_ne.mp3">il_est_ne.mp3 23-Mar-1998 02:35 444k in_the_bleak_midwinter.mp3 17-Jan-1999 18:33 2.4M ise_the_by.mp3">ise_the_by.mp3 17-Jan-1999 18:34 1.9M liebeslieder_waltz.mp3 23-Mar-1998 02:44 1.3M loch_lomond.mp3">loch_lomond.mp3 17-Jan-1999 18:34 1.9M lord_listen_to_your_children.mp3 23-Mar-1998 02:48 542k may_the_road_rise_to_meet_you.mp3 23-Mar-1998 02:49 216k now_thank_we_all_our_god.mp3 23-Mar-1998 02:54 622k o_lord_god.mp3 05-Jan-2000 13:42 1.6M o_magnum_mysterium.mp3 23-Mar-1998 02:58 490k oh_star.mp3 23-Mar-1998 05:55 879k praise_to_the_lord.mp3 23-Mar-1998 06:00 593k prayer_of_the_children.mp3 23-Mar-1998 03:03 768k quando_corpus.mp3 23-Mar-1998 06:05 701k red_red_rose.mp3 23-Mar-1998 06:08 494k revecy_venir_du_printans.mp3 23-Mar-1998 03:07 469k river_in_judea.mp3 05-Jan-2000 13:42 2.4M sanctus.mp3 23-Mar-1998 03:09 288k shenandoah.mp3 17-Jan-1999 18:34 2.4M shepherd_me_lord.mp3 23-Mar-1998 03:11 269k showboat.mp3 17-Jan-1999 18:34 5.7M shut_de_do.mp3 23-Mar-1998 06:11 404k soldiers_song.mp3 23-Mar-1998 03:12 154k speak_to_one_another.mp3 23-Mar-1998 06:13 324k teaching_them.mp3 23-Mar-1998 06:16 394k the_banks_o_doon.mp3 17-Jan-1999 18:34 2.6M the_garden.mp3 23-Mar-1998 06:20 490k the_may_night.mp3 23-Mar-1998 03:15 539k the_promise_of_living.mp3 23-Mar-1998 06:25 713k the_telephone.mp3 23-Mar-1998 03:18 428k the_water_is_wide.mp3 23-Mar-1998 03:22 649k theme_from_the_gondoliers.mp3 23-Mar-1998 03:25 432k thy_will_be_done.mp3 23-Mar-1998 03:28 545k ubi_caritas.mp3 23-Mar-1998 03:31 390k wade_in_the_water.mp3 05-Jan-2000 13:42 1.9M wheels_of_a_dream.mp3 05-Jan-2000 13:42 2.0M when_i_survey.mp3 23-Mar-1998 03:35 692k witness.mp3 23-Mar-1998 03:38 402k wizard_of_oz.mp3 05-Jan-2000 13:43 2.8M you_are_the_new_day.mp3 23-Mar-1998 03:40 425k you_stole_my_love.mp3 05-Jan-2000 13:43 984k
01 Rock Metallica - Metallica August 12, 1991 Elecktra Reviews Called "the Black Album" by many (due to its monochrome cover), Metallica marks the group's entrance into the mainstream, with shorter songs, simpler song structures, and slower tempos overall. That said, this is an excellent album, featuring some of the best songwriting Metallica has ever done. "Enter Sandman," "Wherever I May Roam," and "God That Failed," despite being slower and more groove-oriented than the band's earlier work, feature the same heavy riffs and heavier rhythms that have always been a feature of Metallica's music. The band goes introspective with "Unforgiven," and proves that they can write a ballad with "Nothing Else Matters," which succeeds better than one might expect. Overall, this is a high-energy album despite its laid-back approach, and is in many ways superior to the previous . . . And Justice for All, which was weakened by overly complicated song structures and mediocre production. -- Genevieve Williams
    1. Enter Sandman - 4.66 MB #65533; OGG 2. Sad But True - 4.6 MB #65533; OGG 3. Holier Than Thou - 3.27 MB #65533; OGG 4. The Unforgiven - 5.6 MB #65533; OGG 5. Wherever I May Roam - 5.78 MB #65533; OGG 6. Dont Tread On Me - 3.42 MB #65533; OGG 7. Through The Never - 3.41 MB #65533; OGG 8. Nothing Else Matters - 5.65 MB #65533; OGG 9. Of Wolf And Man - 3.69 MB #65533; OGG 10. The God That Failed - 4.46 MB #65533; OGG 11.My Friend Of Misery - 5.77 MB #65533; OGG 12. The Struggle Within - 3.35 MB #65533; OGG
[code]h**p://cron57.dyndns.org/music/Metallica/Black%20Album/Metallica%20-%20(01)Enter%20Sandman.ogg h**p://cron57.dyndns.org/music/Metallica/Black%20Album/Metallica%20-%20(02)Sad%20But%20True.ogg h**p://cron57.dyndns.org/music/Metallica/Black%20Album/Metallica%20-%20(03)Holier%20Than%20Thou.ogg h**p://cron57.dyndns.org/music/Metallica/Black%20Album/Metallica%20-%20(04)The%20Unforgiven.ogg h**p://cron57.dyndns.org/music/Metallica/Black%20Album/Metallica%20-%20(05)Wherever%20I%20May%20Roam.ogg h**p://cron57.dyndns.org/music/Metallica/Black%20Album/Metallica%20-%20(06)Dont%20Tread%20On%20Me.ogg h**p://cron57.dyndns.org/music/Metallica/Black%20Album/Metallica%20-%20(07)Through%20The%20Never.ogg h**p://cron57.dyndns.org/music/Metallica/Black%20Album/Metallica%20-%20(08)Nothing%20Else%20Matters.ogg h**p://cron57.dyndns.org/music/Metallica/Black%20Album/Metallica%20-%20(09)Of%20Wolf%20And%20Man.ogg h**p://cron57.dyndns.org/music/Metallica/Black%20Album/Metallica%20-%20(10)The%20God%20That%20Failed.ogg h**p://cron57.dyndns.org/music/Metallica/Black%20Album/Metallica%20-%20(11)My%20Friend%20Of%20Misery.ogg h**p://cron57.dyndns.org/music/Metallica/Black%20Album/Metallica%20-%20(12)The%20Struggle%20Within.ogg[/code] Trance VA - Trance Beast 6
    01. Ultrasonic - Angels 02. Djenetrix - A Matter of Time 03. Magic D - Someday 04. Leeroy - Destino 05. Krister T - Close to End 06. 64 Bit - Virtual Discothek 07. Spoonbender ft. Michael Kelley - Change 08. Tectonic Shift ft. Andre Visor - Silver Dusk 09. Mental Thing - The One 10. Filo and Peri ft. Fisher - Closer Now 11. Bamford and Perris - Freedom 12. Aven - Making Me Fall 13. DJ Tatana ft. Pee - All that I Feel 14. Oreal - Goodbye
NOTE: Rename ext to zip [code]h**p://web.tiscali.it/asterix305/trabst-01.tnc h**p://web.tiscali.it/asterix305/trabst-02.tnc h**p://web.tiscali.it/asterix305/trabst-03.tnc h**p://web.tiscali.it/asterix305/trabst-04.tnc h**p://web.tiscali.it/asterix305/trabst-05.tnc h**p://web.tiscali.it/asterix306/trabst-06.tnc h**p://web.tiscali.it/asterix306/trabst-07.tnc h**p://web.tiscali.it/asterix306/trabst-08.tnc h**p://web.tiscali.it/asterix306/trabst-09.tnc h**p://web.tiscali.it/asterix306/trabst-10.tnc h**p://web.tiscali.it/asterix307/trabst-11.tnc h**p://web.tiscali.it/asterix307/trabst-12.tnc h**p://web.tiscali.it/asterix307/trabst-13.tnc h**p://web.tiscali.it/asterix307/trabst-14.tnc[/code]
01 Some of the few vinyls I have. there's around 300 here. enjoy Progressive House/progressive [code]h**p://papa.kalnieciai.lt/Music/House%20Progressive%20House/progressive/ Name Last modified Parent Directory - 4 Tune 500/ 19-Aug-2004 12:29 - 21st century fux/ 19-Aug-2004 12:28 - Aftercast/ 19-Aug-2004 12:29 - Agent 001/ 19-Aug-2004 12:29 - Agoria/ 19-Aug-2004 12:30 - Alaska Soul/ 19-Aug-2004 12:30 - Alcatraz/ 19-Aug-2004 12:30 - Amber/ 19-Aug-2004 12:30 - Ananda Project/ 19-Aug-2004 12:31 - Anarcrusan/ 19-Aug-2004 12:32 - Andro/ 19-Aug-2004 12:32 - Answering Mashine/ 19-Aug-2004 12:32 - Anthony Pappa/ 19-Aug-2004 12:37 - Atention Deficite/ 19-Aug-2004 12:37 - BT/ 19-Aug-2004 12:39 - Benz & Md/ 19-Aug-2004 12:37 - Blackwach/ 19-Aug-2004 12:38 - Blue Tonic World/ 19-Aug-2004 12:38 - Bob Sinklair/ 19-Aug-2004 12:38 - Bogie Balo/ 19-Aug-2004 12:38 - Casa Flava/ 19-Aug-2004 12:39 - Cassius/ 19-Aug-2004 12:39 - Castelli/ 19-Aug-2004 12:40 - Chab/ 19-Aug-2004 12:40 - Charris/ 19-Aug-2004 12:40 - Chemical Soldiers/ 19-Aug-2004 12:40 - Christian Cambas/ 19-Aug-2004 12:41 - Coast 2 Coast/ 19-Aug-2004 12:41 - Coldplay/ 19-Aug-2004 12:41 - Conjure One/ 19-Aug-2004 12:41 - Cuba Computers/ 19-Aug-2004 12:41 - D.Ramirez/ 19-Aug-2004 12:42 - Daft Punk/ 19-Aug-2004 12:42 - Dannii Minogue/ 19-Aug-2004 12:43 - Danny Howells/ 19-Aug-2004 12:43 - Danny Tenaglia/ 19-Aug-2004 12:45 - Darko/ 19-Aug-2004 12:45 - Dave Brennan/ 19-Aug-2004 12:45 - Deep dish/ 19-Aug-2004 12:55 - Paul Rogers/ 19-Aug-2004 12:55 - Sasha/ 19-Aug-2004 12:57 - Satoshi Tomiie/ 19-Aug-2004 12:59 - X-Press-2/ 19-Aug-2004 13:00 - Zorg/ 19-Aug-2004 13:00 - [/code] Progressive House/psy [code]h**p://papa.kalnieciai.lt/Music/House%20Progressive%20House/psy/ Name Last modified Parent Directory - narko/ 04-Sep-2004 10:03 - [/code] Progressive House/vinyls [code]h**p://papa.kalnieciai.lt/Music/House%20Progressive%20House/vinyls/ 01-swimming_pool_sound-sumergible__original 4_star_clowns-te_ammo_2003-onesided_promo_vinyl-2003 4_tune_500-dancing_in_the_dark__new_remixes-vinyl-2003 16_b-doubt-vinyl-2003 Alex Dolby-Psiko Garden B2_WODKA_WASTERS___PASS_THE Stewart_Keenan_And_Muzikjunki-Feel_Now-Promo-Vinyl-2003 aalacho-mr_monster-promo-cdr-2003 aaron_quist-writerz_blok_ep-(random_house_001)-promo-vinyl-2003 absolute_and_holden-every_day_of_my_life-promo_vinyl-2004 ad_finem-if_you_fall_goldtrix_hoxton_remix-vinyl-2003 agent_001-bubblebath-promo-vinyl-2003 air_bureau-coloured_behaviour-promo_cdm-2003 altered_ego_feat._deejay_-_don't_rush_me-promo_12''[email protected]_2003 amani_vs_teapot-calling_on_my_roots-vinyl-2003 amani_vs_teapot-down_the_nile-vinyl-2003 amani_vs_teapot-musiki_ukabili-promo-vinyl-2003 andain-beautiful_things__gabriel_and_dresden_unplugged_mix-promo andry_nalin_pres_jo_68-chose_promise-promo_vinyl-2003 annie_lennox-a_thousand_beautiful_things__remixes-promo_vinyl-20 annie_lennox-pavement_cracks__scumfrog_mixes-promo-vinyl-2003 audio_drive-i_feel_good-promo-vinyl-2003 automagic_ft_aswan-do_you_feel-promo_cds-2003-bpm_house avus-a_dark_purpose-vinyl-2003-2db axe_corner-tortuga_part_2-vinyl-2003 basement_jaxx_-_where_your_head_at_remixes-jd001-white_label_vinyl-2003-boss bazzuka-voodoo-vinyl-2003-bpm_house bedrock_-_forge_(incl_fretwell_mix)-promo_vinyl-2003-tronik blur_vs_sfb_-_out_of_timestretched-promo_vinyl-2003-tronik brancaccio_and_aisher-everybody__incl_tom_mangans_hoodisgood_mix brass_monkey-emotional_science-vinyl-2003-bmi breakneck_-_uplink_and_chinese_burn-renn3072-tcr_promo-2003-boss bubble_audio_workx-brave_new_world-promo-vinyl-2003 bushwacka_-_break_your_face_(incl_harps)-vinyl-2003-tronik carl_cox-space_calling-vinyl-2003-bpm_house carlo_dallanese_-_test_and_born-vinyl-2003-tronik casey-the_plateau-acdc-2003 cass-hootinanny-vls-2003-apc cassette-armed_revolution__revolution._revolution-vinyl-2003 castelli_feat_chus_and_ceballos_-_quimera-promo_vinyl-2003 ceevox-my_imagination__unreleased_mixes-(promo-vinyl)-2003 chicken lips - he not in ep bazuli, 2004 chimera_-_music_(incl_breaks_mix)-vinyl-2003-tronik chris_coco_-_falling-vinyl-2003-tronik chris_fortier-whateveritis-promo_vls-2003 cibus-princess-promo-vinyl-2003 circulation-tangerine-vinyl-2003 club_69_featuring_kim_cooper-diva__lector_mix-(promo-cds)-2003 cosmic_groove_transmission-cat_attack-vinyl-2003-bpm_house critical_7-lost_2x12-promo_vinyl-2003 danny_howells_pres_jamloops_vol_1_-_spikes-vinyl-2003-tronik dark_monks-betterman-promo-vinyl-2003 dave_gahan-i_need_you__incl_lexicon_avenue_dub-vinyl-2003 david_gausa-are_you_busy-vinyl-2003-bpm_house deelite-groove_is_in_the_heart_(dee001)-whitelabel_vls-2003-2db deep_dish-the_first_single_in_6_years-promo_cds_2004 del_gado_-_coffee_beats_vol_2-vinyl-2003 depeche_mode_-_enjoy_the_silence__incl_16_b_remixes-vinyl-2004 depeche_mode_vs_blondie-bootleg-vinyl-2003 digital_witchcraft_-_brindavan-vinyl-2003-tronik dimas_pres_d-formation-signs_and_portents-vinyl-2003-pulse dj_java-no_puedo_oluidarme-promo-vinyl-2003 dj_linus_-_flokati-vinyl-2003-ogi dj_shadow_and_roots_manuva-gdmfsob_(unkle_uncensored_mix)-promo-cdr-2003 dj pierre vs david morales - make it hot (remixes) dominica-i_will_be_waiting-vinyl-2003-bpm_house dont_bogart-heavy_drums_ep-vinyl-2003-bpm_house duncan_sheik-on_a_high__gabriel_and_dresden_mixes-vinyl-2003 echomen-cure-promo-vinyl-2003 envy_-_the_faith_ep-promo_vls(2x12)-2003 eurythmics-sweet_dreams_(leon_roberts_edit)-promo-cdr-2003 f_control-spacefood-vinyl-2003 francesco_farfa-kings_of_dirty_gold_remix-vinyl-2003-bpm_house fretwell_-_ember_(org_and_rennie_pilgrem_remix)-electro003-vinyl funkstar_de_luxe_feat_the_crickets-when_i_think_of_you-promo_cds-2004 future_acoustics-give_it_all_up-vinyl-2003 futureshock-late_at_night-promo-vinyl-2003 g-pal - productions vol 2 blow pressings 033 g_pal-ocean_of_blue__mediterranean_remixes-vinyl-2003 gemo-the_voice_of_buddah-vinyl-2003-bpm_house guy gerber - air guitar halo-when_house_was_ep-vinyl-2003-bpm_house hog_pres_groovelines-got_to_dance_disco-remix_vinyl-2003 holden_and_thompson_-_come_to_me-promo-cds-2004 james_talk-eggs_are_cute-promo-vinyl-2003 jamie_anderson-when_machines_collide-vinyl-2003 j and s production - te quiero and besame mas (vinyl 2003) jas_presents_chonga_-_soul_doing_dishes-vinyl-2003-tronik jay_j_-_bella_america_(bella001)-vinyl-2003 jaydee - spastic dreams remixes (whitelabel, 2003)-mr.k jaydee_vs._armand_van_helden-dont_know_dreams-vinyl-2003 jewel-stand_(scumfrog_remix)-promo-cdr-2003 jonathan_peters-what_do_you_desire__christians_afterhours_mix-promo-2003 justin_o_brien_and_jonathan-levitate__incl_momu_remix-promo-viny king_unique-lighters_music_please-promo_vinyl-2003 koma_and_bones_-_black_satsuma_(incl_basic_emotion)-promo_vinyl kosheen-wasting_my_time-(trackfix)-2003 krafty_kuts_and_c5_joyriders_-_take_it-atg007-promo-vinyl-2003 kris_b_-_last_minute_flight_(incl_blackwatch_remix)-vinyl 2003 lee_cabrera-shake_it__move_a_little_closer-cds-2003 lil_louis_vs_george_kranz_-_din_da_da_french_kis.-vinyl-2003 lil_louis_vs_oscar_g_and_ralf_falcon-dark_beat_vs_french_kiss-bpm_house loway_-_2_bags_of_grass_(incl_loways_solid_mix)-promo_vinyl-2003-tronik lumidee_-_oh_no__sandy_wilhem_remixes-promo_vinyl-2003 lys_and_gigis-your_love_2003-vinyl-2003 [email protected]_2003 mara-if_you_only_knew__album_sampler_part_1-vinyl-2003 mara-if_you_only_knew__album_sampler_part_2-vinyl-2003 marascia-shake_it__incl_the_mutiny_funk_remix-vinyl-2003 marrakech-always_run_(link_012)-vls-2003-2db- ZHAURUS mats-tribal_ep_vol_2-vinyl-2003-bpm_house maurice_and_noble-hoochie_coochie_man-promo_vinyl-2003 max_mason-doin_it-promo-vinyl-2003 mcmillan_and_tab_-_rollin_thunder-vinyl-2003-tronik medway_vs_pete_gawtry-la_fin_du_monde_part_2-promo-vinyl-2003 momu-bring_it_on_back-vinyl-2003 monkz-canga_urania-promo-vinyl-2003 morgan_page_and_gregory_shiff_featuring_astrid_suryanto-all_i_know-promo-vinyl-2003 moshic_-_nanok-promo-cdr-2003 moshic_ft_the_lion_-_nothing_wrong-promo_vinyl-2003-tronik motorcraft-v8__impala-vinyl-2003 motorcycle-as_the_rush_comes__incl_gabriel_and_drseden_chillout mutator-yer_mama-promo-vinyl-2003 nathan_fake-outhouse-promo-vinyl-2003 nubreed_-_the_original_album_sampler_1-moblp9003-vinyl-2003-boss ofra_haza_-_love_song_(mystic_friends_mix) ofra_haza_-_love_song_shali_k_rework-viny 2003-bpm_house oliver_klein_and_peter_juergens-once_you_get_started-2003 omb-beeperhorn_and_whiteroom_(3btt70)-ep-2003-2db origene-sanctuary-promo_vinyl-2003 original_3_-_underground-retail-vinyl-2003 oscar_g_and_ralph_falcon-le_tweak_take_me_higher-promo-vinyl-2003 oxygen_feat_ariel_cybana-inside_me-promo-vls-2003 papacha-sentossa-promo-vinyl-2003 peter_bailey-dancefloor__remixes_pt_2_(har006r2)-vinyl-2003 peter_j%fcrgens_-_ride_on_wheels;_silver_bullet phil kieran - i love you pig_and_dan-cookies-vinyl-2003-bpm_house planet_funk-the_switch__moonbootica_remix-vinyl-2003 planisphere-nye__cubed-promo_vinyl-2003 plastik_funk-do_it_right_ep-vinyl-2003 pqm_feat_pilgram_soul_-_nameless_incl_pablo_la_rosa_rmx_(yoshito prd_-_i_dont_need_nobody-promo_vinyl-2003-tronik prophets_of_sound-tide_of_dreams-vinyl-2003-bpm_house redo-the_voyager-cds-2003 rene_amesz_presents_quiz-delicious_company-promo-vinyl-2003 revolt_-_raw-2003-choo_choo robbie_rivera_pres_break_42-gonna_let_the_music_move_you_around roland_klinkenberg-cafeinne__incl_steve_porter_remix-promo_vinyl-2003 roland_klinkenberg_vs_james_holden_and_julie_thompson_-_bounce_at_nothing-2004 rowan_blades_and_naughty_g_presents_webcore-control_freak-vinyl rpo_and_darmon_d-house_beats-vinyl-2003 rulers_of_the_deep-tallinn_express_ep-vinyl-2003 saffron_hill-my_love_is_always_david_guetta_remix-vinyl-2003 sandy_rivera-changes__mike_morales_and_titanium_remix-promo-vinyl santos_-_sabot_(incl_drumattic_twins_remix)-vinyl-2003-tronik sasha_vs_mike_koglin-enjoy_the_gravy__james_zabiela_mashup-promo-vinyl-2003 scissors_sisters-comfortably_numb-cds-2003-bpm_house sdm_soundclash_feat_nikita-scream_2_b_heard_incl_force_mass_motion_rmx-promo-vinyl-2003 sean_q6_-_out_in_the_shed_(incl_freaky_chakra_remix)-hlt005-vinyl-2003-boss shiloh-swerve-promo-vinyl-2003 situation_2wo-way2tite_(inc_marco_bellini_remix)-promo-vls-2003 solar_plexus-solar_plexus-vinyl-2003 solaris_-_the_question_(solaris010)-vinyl-2003 solu_music_feat_kimblee-fade_2003-promo_vinyl-2003-bpm_house spooky-andromeda-promo_vinyl-2003 sshh-hold_that_body__remixes-vinyl-2002 stephan_m_vs_samy_k_-_african_journey-remix_vinyl-2003 stisch_-_packs_of_red-disuye006-proper-vinyl-2003-boss subsky-strawberry_fields-promo-vinyl-2003 superchumbo-revolution_2003_rmx-vinyl-2003-bpm_house sweet_dick_presents_discolypso-sao_drici-promo-vinyl-2003 tech_this_-_go_deeper-promo_cds-2003 telepopmusik-breathe_incl_markus_schulz_remix-promo-cdr-2003 the_greek_feat._stephanie_vezina-alive-vinyl-2003 the_rapture_vs_cosmos-house_of_jealous_lovers-promo-cdr-2003 the_vanden_plas-santa_margherita-promo-vinyl-2003 theremin_x-deep_east-promo-vinyl-2003 thick_dick-welcome_2_da_jungle_whitelabel_-remix-vinyl-2003 thomas_bangalter-paris_by_night_(the_hande_remix)-promo_cds-2003 thomas_penton_-_lock_up_(incl_fitzwater_mix)-vinyl-2003-tronik thomas buchner - jolly jumper ep exun 2003 tiny_elvis-casino-promo-vinyl-2003 tomaz_vs_filterheadz_-_sunshine-remix-vinyl-2003 tony_thomas-cannibals-promo_vinyl-2003 torn_vs_seig-progression-promo-vinyl-2003 tribal_tech-kurieh-promo-vinyl-2003 tribalism-rebooted-promo-vinyl-2003 tricknology - tricknology 03 (hard flow) u_and_k-ignite_ep-vinyl-2003 underworld-dark_and_long__incl_danny_howells_mix-promo_vinyl-2003 underworld-two_months_off__desyn_masiello_and_leon_roberts_remix-promo_cdr-2003 unkle - eye for an eye va-chris_fortier-bedrock_compiled_and_unmixed_(part1 and 2)-viny va-james_zabiela-sound_in_motion-3x12-vinyl-2003 va-promo_only_alternative_club_august-2003[/code]
01 New Age Armik - The Best of Armik New flamenco guitarist Armik displayed an interest in and passion for music while still a young child. When he was just seven years old, he pawned his watch for a classical guitar, which he hid and practiced on in the basement. Formal music lessons followed and Armik completed the Rudolph Solphege program in two years; at 12, he was a professional recording artist. While his early career focused mostly on jazz, Armik discovered the beauty and passion of flamenco while visiting and studying in Spain during the '70s. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue this new direction, playing with other artists live and in the studio. By 1994 he released his solo debut album Rain Dancer", a critical and commercial success that he followed with 1995's Gypsy Flame. At this point, Armik's reputation as a performer and student of flamenco was such that expert Spanish luthier Pedro Maldonado created an instrument for him, the Rubia; Armik's 1996 album was recorded with, and named after it. The following year saw the release of Malaga, and his fifth album, Isla del Sol, appeared in 1999, followed by Rosas del Amor in the spring of 2001. 2002's Lost in Paradise showed him make a sensual and elegant album that offered a slanted take on his traditional flamenco. -- by Heather Phares [img]http://www.karoon.com/products/images/l/10/92/109286.jpg[/img]
    1. Pure Paradise 2.Gypsy Flame 3. For Annette 4. Maldonado 5. Lagrimas De Guitarra 6. Isla Del Sol 7. Lovers In Madrid 8. Escapade 9. Veil Of Desire 10. Sailing To Bimini 11. Andalucia La Luna 12. Ritmos Flamenco 13. Primavera 14. Marbella
[code]http://rapidshare.de/files/1045203/Armik_-_The_Best.part1.rar.html h**p://rapidshare.de/files/1045469/Armik_-_The_Best.part2.rar.html h**p://rapidshare.de/files/1045537/Armik_-_The_Best.part3.rar.html h**p://rapidshare.de/files/1045589/Armik_-_The_Best.part4.rar.html h**p://rapidshare.de/files/1045618/Armik_-_The_Best.part5.rar.html[/code] Armik - Gypsy Flame Baja / TSR Records Apr 18, 1995 Reviews This self-produced, composed and arranged release is the sophomore effort from guitarist extraordinaire Armik. Influenced by the sounds of the Mediterannean, the Caribbean and South America, with echoes of Spain and Greece, Armik's flamenco style is dominant throughout the percussion and synthesizer backdrops. Amazingly, the guitar work for each of the album's twelve sumptuous tracks was recorded in just one take. This sort of virtuosity is apparent on several highlights, including the sizzling title track, the irresitible salsa-flavored "Dancing Shadows" and "Meet You in Heaven," an emotionally-charged tribute to Armik's late mother, Shooshanik [img]http://www.lineshacktradingpost.com/armik.jpg[/img]
    1. Gypsy Flame 2. For Your Eyes 3. Dancing Shadows 4. Meet You In Heaven 5. Pure Paradise 6. Tear Drops 7. Montserrat 8. Alone With You 9. Tango Flamenco 10. Mystical Eden 11. Swept Away 12. Guitar Romance
[code]h**p://rapidshare.de/files/1037347/Armik1.rar.html h**p://rapidshare.de/files/1037735/Armik2.rar.html h**p://rapidshare.de/files/1038114/Armik3.rar.html h**p://rapidshare.de/files/1038466/Armik4.rar.html[/code] Soundtrack 28 Days Later - Original SoundTrack John Murphy Jun 17, 2003 Reviews 28 Days Later... is probably the best literal Horror Film to have come along in quite some time. The skewed visions offered by the digital cameras (in the hand of Trainspotting Director Danny Boyle) add to the overall uneasiness of a London overrun by medically spawned rage-a-holic Zombies. The acting, the scenery, the camera angles and the mood portrayed on screen all add up to a wonderful low-budget horror film that blows away big budget horror films of many an ilk. However, one of the things about 28 Days Later... that made it so memorable was unquestionably the music. From the diverse and fitting score by John Murphy (apparently no relation to the film's star) to the choice of songs to the incorporation of standards (some by no less an authority than J.S. Bach) to the underlying thematic structure of the score mood and substance are added subtly, but liberally, to each scene regardless of feeling. From the frightful to the hilarious to the plight for safety and ultimately the underlying fear one must have in a post-apocalyptic world all were complemented by a great set of music. [img]http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B00009B8BP.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg[/img]
    01. The Beginning.mp3 02. Rage.mp3 03. The Church.mp3 04. Jim's Parents (Abide With Me).mp3 05. Then There Were Two.mp3 06. Tower Block.mp3 07. Taxi (Ave Maria).mp3 08. The Tunnel.mp3 09. AM180 by Grandaddy.mp3 10. An Ending (Ascent) (By Brian Eno).mp3 11. No More Films.mp3 12. Jim's Dream.mp3 13. In Paradisum.mp3 14. Frank's Death. Soldiers (Requiem In D Minor).mp3 15. I Promised them Women.mp3 16. The Search for Jim.mp3 17. Red Dresses.mp3 18. In The House. In A Heartbeat.mp3 19. The End.mp3 20. Season Song (By Blue States).mp3 21. End Credits.mp3
[code]h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack%20-%2001%20-%20The%20Beginning.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack%20-%2002%20-%20Rage.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack%20-%2003%20-%20The%20Church.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack%20-%2004%20-%20Jim's%20Parents%20(Abide%20With%20Me).mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack%20-%2005%20-%20Then%20There%20Were%20Two.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack%20-%2006%20-%20Tower%20Block.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack%20-%2007%20-%20Taxi%20(Ave%20Maria).mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack%20-%2008%20-%20The%20Tunnel.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack%20-%2009%20-%20AM180%20by%20Grandaddy.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack%20-%2010%20-%20An%20Ending%20(Ascent)%20(By%20Brian%20Eno).mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack%20-%2011%20-%20No%20More%20Films.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack%20-%2012%20-%20Jim's%20Dream.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack%20-%2013%20-%20In%20Paradisum.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack%20-%2014%20-%20Frank's%20Death%20-%20Soldiers%20(Requiem%20In%20D%20Minor).mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack%20-%2015%20-%20I%20Promised%20them%20Women.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack%20-%2016%20-%20The%20Search%20for%20Jim.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack%20-%2017%20-%20Red%20Dresses.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack%20-%2018%20-%20In%20The%20House%20-%20In%20A%20Heartbeat.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack%20-%2019%20-%20The%20End.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack%20-%2020%20-%20Season%20Song%20(By%20Blue%20States).mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack/28%20Days%20Later%20Soundtrack%20-%2021%20-%20End%20Credits.mp3[/code] Soundtrack City of Angels - Original SoundTrack Beggars / XL June 17, 2003 Reviews This soundtrack to City of Angels has a mighty tall order to fill. The film is a remake of Wim Wenders' Wings of Desire, and the German director is known for his effective use of music. But where Wenders can call on his friends such as R.E.M. and Elvis Costello to contribute songs, City of Angels feels more like a marketing device. No less than half the selections are by Warner Bros. artists, including some new music by Alanis Morissette, her first since Jagged Little Pill. That song, "Uninvited," is the album's highlight, a restrained modal ballad in the mode of Zeppelin's "Kashmir." The rest alternates between other female stars such as Paula Cole and Sarah McLachlan and bluesy selections from Hendrix, John Lee Hooker, and Eric Clapton. --Steven Mirkin [img]http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B0000062VP.01._SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg[/img]
    1. Angel - Sarah McLachlan 2. Feeling Love - Paula Cole 3. Further on up the Road - Eric Clapton 4. I Grieve - Peter Gabriel 5. I Know - Jude 6. If God Will Send His Angels - U2 7. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls 8.Mama, You Got a Daughter - John Lee Hooker 9. Red House - Jimi Hendrix 10. Uninvited - Alanis Morissette
[code]h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/City%20of%20angels/City%20of%20angels%20-%20Angel.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/City%20of%20angels/City%20of%20angels%20-%20Feeling%20love.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/City%20of%20angels/City%20of%20angels%20-%20Further%20%20on%20up%20the%20road.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/City%20of%20angels/City%20of%20angels%20-%20Grieve.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/City%20of%20angels/City%20of%20angels%20-%20I%20know.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/City%20of%20angels/City%20of%20angels%20-%20If%20God%20will%20send%20his%20angels.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/City%20of%20angels/City%20of%20angels%20-%20Iris.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/City%20of%20angels/City%20of%20angels%20-%20Mama%20you%20got%20a%20daughter.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/City%20of%20angels/City%20of%20angels%20-%20Red%20house.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/City%20of%20angels/City%20of%20angels%20-%20Uninvited.mp3[/code] Soundtrack Matrix Reloaded - Original SoundTrack May 6, 2003 Maverick Reviews The Matrix rewrote cinematic rules and became a pop-culture phenomenon in 1999, thereby granting its creators, the Wachowski brothers, the right to let their imaginations run wild for its sequel, 2003's The Matrix Reloaded. Too bad their imaginations didn't run as far as the soundtrack, since The Matrix Reloaded: The Album is of piece with the soundtrack to the original, relying on industrial, aggro-nu-metal, and dark dance music. In 1999, it was everything that was stereotypically cyberpunk, and even then, it was feeling a little out of date. Four years later, it really seems out of date, even if it contains several bands who didn't exist back then, since the sub-goth darkness of this adolescent-geared murk doesn't quite jibe with the sounds of 2003. Then again, this could have been a deliberate extension of the first film, a way to tie them together, since this 12-track collection (the second disc is given over to the evocative score) contains four artists featured on the first soundtrack (Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Deftones, and Rage Against the Machine). Also, much of this is instrumental -- or, if it does have words, it plays as instrumental -- which makes it evocative and cohesive, even if overall, the music doesn't seem nearly as elegant, sleek, provocative, or muscular as the film itself. But, if anything related to The Matrix Reloaded had to be tailored for the red meat-craving teenagers that form part of its core audience, better have it be in the soundtrack than the film itself, and much of this is pretty good for what it is, even if the general aesthetic feels too retrograde for the film. The first half of the record, in particular, doesn't have a false step, but it unravels a bit in the second half, thanks the guttural wailing on Unloco's "Bruises," the always-irritating Zack de la Rocha on Rage Against the Machine's "Calm Like a Bomb," the always-insipid Paul Oakenfold's "Dread Rock" (though his remix of the Dave Matthews Band's "When the World Ends" is OK), and P.O.D.'s unbelievably awful "Sleeping Awake," written from the perspective of somebody who is asleep in the Matrix yet aware of Zion, which pretty much defies all of the Wachowskis' mythology. A pretty bad stretch, but the first half makes up for it, thanks to moody instrumental Linkin Park, good new stuff from Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, and good Deftones. All enough to satiate some of the adolescents who like how cool The Matrix looks and sounds, but, ultimately, this isn't meant for anybody besides that audience, while the film itself has a wide appeal, which makes the narrow vision of the soundtrack kind of disappointing. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide. [img]http://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Reloaded%20Soundtrack/Back.jpg[/img] [img]http://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Reloaded%20Soundtrack/Front.jpg[/img]
    [CD1]00. Theme - The Matrix Reloaded - Rammstein Stripped [CD1]01. Session - Linkin Park [CD1]02. This Is The New Shit - Marilyn Manson [CD1]03. Reload - Rob Zombie [CD1]04. Furious Angels - Rob Dougan [CD1]05. Lucky You - Deftones [CD1]06. The Passportal - Team Sleep [CD1]07. Sleeping Awake - P.O.D. [CD1]08. Bruises - Unloco [CD1]09. Calm Like A Bomb - Rage Against The Machines [CD1]10. Dread Rock - Paul Oakenfold [CD1]11. Zion - Fluke [CD1]12. When The World Ends (Oakenfold Remix) - Dave Matthews Band
[code]h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Reloaded%20Soundtrack/Theme%20-%20The%20Matrix%20Reloaded%20-%2010%20-%20Rammstein%20-%20Stripped.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Reloaded%20Soundtrack/%5bCD1%5d%2001.%20Session.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Reloaded%20Soundtrack/%5bCD1%5d%2002.%20This%20Is%20The%20New%20Shit.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Reloaded%20Soundtrack/%5bCD1%5d%2003.%20Reload.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Reloaded%20Soundtrack/%5bCD1%5d%2004.%20Furious%20Angels.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Reloaded%20Soundtrack/%5bCD1%5d%2005.%20Lucky%20You.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Reloaded%20Soundtrack/%5bCD1%5d%2006.%20The%20Passportal.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Reloaded%20Soundtrack/%5bCD1%5d%2007.%20Sleeping%20Awake.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Reloaded%20Soundtrack/%5bCD1%5d%2008.%20Bruises.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Reloaded%20Soundtrack/%5bCD1%5d%2009.%20Calm%20Like%20A%20Bomb.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Reloaded%20Soundtrack/%5bCD1%5d%2010.%20Dread%20Rock.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Reloaded%20Soundtrack/%5bCD1%5d%2011.%20Zion.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Reloaded%20Soundtrack/%5bCD1%5d%2012.%20When%20The%20World%20Ends%20(Oakenfold%20Remix).mp3[/code]
    [CD2]01. Main Title - Don Davis [CD2]02. Trinity Dream - Don Davis [CD2]03. Teahouse - Juno Reactor [CD2]04. Chateau - Rob Dougan [CD2]05. Mona Lisa Overdrive - Juno Reactor [CD2]06. Burly Brawl - Juno Reactor Vs. Don Davis [CD2]07. Matrix Reloaded Suite - Don Davis
[code]h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Reloaded%20Soundtrack/%5bCD2%5d%2001.%20Main%20Title.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Reloaded%20Soundtrack/%5bCD2%5d%2002.%20Trinity%20Dream.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Reloaded%20Soundtrack/%5bCD2%5d%2003.%20Teahouse.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Reloaded%20Soundtrack/%5bCD2%5d%2004.%20Chateau.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Reloaded%20Soundtrack/%5bCD2%5d%2005.%20Mona%20Lisa%20Overdrive.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Reloaded%20Soundtrack/%5bCD2%5d%2006.%20Burly%20Brawl.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Reloaded%20Soundtrack/%5bCD2%5d%2007.%20Matrix%20Reloaded%20Suite.mp3[/code] Soundtrack The Matrix - Original SoundTrack March 30, 1999 Warner Brothers Reviews There was so much happening visually in the Wachowski Brothers' instant sci-fi classic The Matrix that it was easy to overlook Don Davis' score. It is true that Davis' music is the most conventional element of the film, often following familiar action film patterns, but that's not to say that it's predictable. There are long quiet stretches that are quite eerie, even without the film to support the music, and he employs dissonance and quick, powerful staccatos quite effectively. And when he turns to grand, sweeping themes, such as on the closing "Anything is Possible," it's hard not get caught up in the momentum of the piece. It still works better with the film, but The Matrix is the rare score that is nearly as effective as a stand-alone work as it is in the film. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide [img]http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B00000IJBK.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg[/img]
    1. Deftones - My Own Summer (Shove It) 2.Hive - Ultrasonic Sound 3.Lunatic Calm - Leave You Far Behind 4.Marilyn Manson - Rock Is Dead 5.Meat Beat Manifesto - Prime Audio Soup 6.Ministry - Bad Blood 7.Monster Magnet - Look To Your Orb For The Warning 8.Prodigy - Mindfields 9.Propellerheads - Spybreak! (Short One) 10.Rage Against The Machine - Wake Up 11.Rammstein - Du Hast 12.Rob D - Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Mix) 13.Rob Zombie - Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Remix)
[code]h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Soundtrack/Deftones%20-%20My%20Own%20Summer%20%20(Shove%20It).mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Soundtrack/Hive%20-%20Ultrasonic%20Sound.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Soundtrack/Lunatic%20Calm%20-%20Leave%20You%20Far%20Behind.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Soundtrack/Marilyn%20Manson%20-%20Rock%20Is%20Dead.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Soundtrack/Meat%20Beat%20Manifesto%20-%20Prime%20Audio%20Soup.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Soundtrack/Ministry%20-%20Bad%20Blood.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Soundtrack/Monster%20Magnet%20-%20Look%20To%20Your%20Orb%20For%20The%20Warning.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Soundtrack/Prodigy%20-%20Mindfields.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Soundtrack/Propellerheads%20-%20Spybreak!%20(Short%20One).mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Soundtrack/Rage%20Against%20The%20Machine%20-%20Wake%20Up.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Soundtrack/Rammstein%20-%20Du%20Hast.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Soundtrack/Rob%20D%20-%20Clubbed%20To%20Death%20(Kurayamino%20Mix).mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/Matrix%20Soundtrack/Rob%20Zombie%20-%20Dragula%20(Hot%20Rod%20Herman%20Remix).mp3[/code] Soundtrack The Pianist - Original SoundTrack November 26, 2002 Fryderyk Chopin Reviews Roman Polanski's telling of famed Polish composer-pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman's survival in the Nazi-controlled Warsaw ghetto can't help but be infused with the director's deepest passions: he himself escaped the Krak#65533;w ghetto as a boy of 7. The musician's status as a musical hero to the oppressed Polish Jews of World War II was surpassed only by that of Chopin, the composer who was at the core of Szpilman's repertoire. Thus this score revolves tightly around Chopin's music, with modern Polish pianist Janusz Olejniczak paying passionate homage to both his musical and national forebears, the haunting strains of the Nocturne in C-sharp Minor setting the film's historical and dramatic tone. The underscore of previous Polanski collaborator Wojciech Kilar (The Ninth Gate, Death and the Maiden) is represented here by the soulful "Moving to the Ghetto," a cue that helps anchor the soundtrack's troubling time and place with understated grace. The collection concludes with a rare, remastered performance of Chopin's Mazurka Op. 17, No.4 by Szpilman himself, recorded in Warsaw in 1948. --Jerry McCulley [img]http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B00007E8SQ.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg[/img]
    1. Nocturne in C-Sharp minor (1830) 2. Nocturne in E minor, Op. 72, No. 1 3. Nocturne in C minor, Op. 48, No. 1 4. Ballade No. 2 in F Major, Op. 38 5. Ballade No. 1 in G minor, Op. 23 6. Waltz No. 3 in A minor, Op. 34, No. 2 7. Prilude in E minor, Op. 28, No. 4 8. Grande Polonaise for Piano and Orchestra (preceded by an Andante Spianato), Op. 22 9. Andante spianato in G Major 10. Grande Polonaise in E-flat Major 11. Moving to the Ghetto Oct. 31, 1940 12. Mazurka in A minor, Op. 17, No. 4
[code]h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/The%20Pianist%20-%20Soundtrack/The%20Pianist%20-%2001%20-%20Frederic%20Chopin%20-%20Nocturne%20in%20C-sharp%20Min.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/The%20Pianist%20-%20Soundtrack/The%20Pianist%20-%2002%20-%20Frederic%20Chopin%20-%20Nocturne%20in%20E%20Minor,%20Op.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/The%20Pianist%20-%20Soundtrack/The%20Pianist%20-%2003%20-%20Frederic%20Chopin%20-%20Nocturne%20in%20C%20Minor,%20Op.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/The%20Pianist%20-%20Soundtrack/The%20Pianist%20-%2004%20-%20Frederic%20Chopin%20Ballade%20No.%202%20in%20F%20Major,.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/The%20Pianist%20-%20Soundtrack/The%20Pianist%20-%2005%20-%20Frederic%20Chopin%20Ballade%20No.%201%20in%20G%20Minor,.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/The%20Pianist%20-%20Soundtrack/The%20Pianist%20-%2006%20-%20Frederic%20Chopin%20Waltz%20No.%203%20in%20G%20Minor,%20O.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/The%20Pianist%20-%20Soundtrack/The%20Pianist%20-%2007%20-%20Frederic%20Chopin%20Prelude%20in%20E%20Minor,%20Op.%202.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/The%20Pianist%20-%20Soundtrack/The%20Pianist%20-%2008%20-%20Grande%20Polonaise%20Brillante%20Proceder%20An%20An.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/The%20Pianist%20-%20Soundtrack/The%20Pianist%20-%2009%20-%20Grande%20Polonaise%20Brillante%20Proceder%20An%20An.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/The%20Pianist%20-%20Soundtrack/The%20Pianist%20-%2010%20-%20Wojciech%20Kilar%20-%20Moving%20To%20The%20Ghetto%20Oct.mp3 h**p://smm.mat.uson.mx/ivotron/musica/Musica/Soundtracks/The%20Pianist%20-%20Soundtrack/The%20Pianist%20-%2011%20-%20Frederic%20Chopin%20-%20Mazurka%20in%20A%20Minor,%20Op..mp3[/code]
01 South Park - singles Chef & Meatloaf
    18 Tonight Is Right For Love
[code]h**p://[/code] Chef
    03 Chocolate Salty Balls (P.S. I Lov 07 Simultaneous 11 No Substitute
[code]h**p:// h**p:// h**p://[/code] Crystal Method With Ozzy Osbourne, DMX
    02 Nowhere To Run
[code]h**p://,%20DMX,/South%20Park_%20Chef%20Aid/02%20Nowhere%20To%20Run.mp3[/code] Devo
    14 Huboon Stomp
[code]h**p://[/code] Elton John
    12 Wake Up Wendy
[code]h**p://[/code] Eric Cartman
    05 Come Sail Away
[code]h**p://[/code] Joe Strummer
    19 It's A Rockin' World
[code]h**p://'s%20A%20Rockin'%20World.mp3[/code] Mase, Puffy, Lil Kim & System Of Down
    08 Will They Die 4 You
[code]h**p://,%20Puffy,%20Lil%20Kim%20&%20System%20Of%20Down/South%20Park_%20Chef%20Aid/08%20Will%20They%20Die%204%20You.mp3[/code] Master P
    06 Kenny's Dead
[code]h**p://'s%20Dead.mp3[/code] Mousse T. Vs. Hot 'n' Juicy
    13 Horny
[code]h**p://'n'%20Juicy/South%20Park_%20Chef%20Aid/13%20Horny.mp3[/code] Ned Gerblansky
    16 Feel Like Makin' Love
[code]h**p://'%20Love.mp3[/code] Perry Farrell & D.V.D.A
    09 Hot Lava
[code]h**p://[/code] Primus
    01 South Park Theme 20 Mephisto And Kevin
[code]h**p:// h**p://[/code] Rancid
    04 Brad Logan
[code]h**p://[/code] Rick James & Ike Turner
    15 Love Gravy
[code]h**p://[/code] Vitro Featuring The Cast Of Southpark
    21 Mentally Dull (Think Tank Remix)
[code]h**p://[/code] Wyclef Jean Featuring Stan, Kyle, Cartma
    10 Bubblegoose
01 Rock The Alkaline Trio - Maybe I'll Catch Fire Feb 29, 2000 Mordam [img]http://images.windowsmedia.com/img/prov_i/300_80/2b983146-98d6-4c25-b039-cea3e03e398f_612851005525_800.jpg[/img] Reviews The Alkaline Trio added some extra gloom to pop-punk with their almost perfect debut, Goddamnit. Spinning tales of doomed romance, this Chicago three-piece hit too close to home with their stories of obsessive crushes, messy breakups, and alcoholism. Lyrically, Maybe I'll Catch Fire follows in the footsteps of Goddamnit, while staying true to the elaborate but emotional tone of aggressive pop-punk. Not as essential as their previous efforts, but it would be difficult for any band to follow up an album like Goddamnit. ~ Mike DaRonco, All Music Guide
    1. Keep 'Em Coming 2. Madam Me 3. You've Got So Far To Go 4. Fu** You Aurora (don't forget to add the missing letters in the filename before downloading) 5. Sleepyhead 6. Maybe I'll Catch Fire 7. Tuck Me In 8. She Took Him To The Lake 9. 5-3-10-4
[code]h**p://'ll%20Catch%20Fire/01%20Keep%20'Em%20Coming.mp3 h**p://'ll%20Catch%20Fire/02%20Madam%20Me.mp3 h**p://'ll%20Catch%20Fire/03%20You've%20Got%20So%20Far%20To%20Go.mp3 h**p://'ll%20Catch%20Fire/04%20Fu**%20You%20Aurora.mp3 h**p://'ll%20Catch%20Fire/05%20Sleepyhead.mp3 h**p://'ll%20Catch%20Fire/06%20Maybe%20I'll%20Catch%20Fire.mp3 h**p://'ll%20Catch%20Fire/07%20Tuck%20Me%20In.mp3 h**p://'ll%20Catch%20Fire/08%20She%20Took%20Him%20To%20The%20Lake.mp3 h**p://'ll%20Catch%20Fire/09%205-3-10-4.mp3[/code] POP Bad Religion - Recipe For Hate Aug 31, 1993 Atlantic [img]http://images.windowsmedia.com/img/prov_w/300_80/075678254628.jpg[/img] Reviews Although it doesn't sound all that different from what X was doing ten years ago (and fairly close to the music they were making, too), the seminal L.A. punk rockers gained a larger audience with Recipe for Hate. Featuring guest spots from Eddie Vedder and Johnette Napolitano from Concrete Blonde, Recipe for Hate features a smoother version of punk. All of the trademark anger and guitars are still present, but some of the melodies, harmonies, and riffs lean toward mainstream rock & roll. Fortunately, this all works in Bad Religion's favor -- their music is more accessible, but it doesn't lack integrity. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide
    1. Recipe For Hate 2. Kerosene 3. American Jesus 4. Portrait Of Authority 5. Man With A Mission 6. All Good Soldiers 7. Watch It Die 8. Struck A Nerve 9. My Poor Friend Me 10. Lookin' In 11. Don't Pray On Me 12. Modern Day Catastrophists 13. Skyscraper 14. Stealth
[code]h**p:// h**p:// h**p:// h**p:// h**p:// h**p:// h**p:// h**p:// h**p:// h**p://'%20In.mp3 h**p://'t%20Pray%20On%20Me.mp3 h**p:// h**p:// h**p://[/code] Rock No Use for a Name - The Daily Grind Mar 27, 1995 FAT WRECK CHORDS Reviews No Use for a Name made the jump to Fat Wreck Chords and arguably arrived with The Daily Grind in 1993. The Bad Religion comparisons are inevitable, but that wasn't exactly a safe route to commercial success when NUFAN formed in 1987. But while the music is fast and furious, it drips with irresistible harmonies, and Tony Sly's lyrics are a thoughtful critique of modern society. Traditionally straightforward punk lyrics mean the meaning won't be lost in metaphor. From the title track: "on the other side of town/people are sleeping on the ground/look not far and you will find/a tragedy, the daily grin.d" The cassette versions includes the band's sophomore LP, Don't Miss the Train. ~ Ron DePasquale, All Music Guide [img]http://images.windowsmedia.com/img/prov_s/300_80/00000000000001726755-800x800_72dpi_rgb.jpg[/img]
    1. Until Its Gone 2. Old What's His Name 3. Permanent Rust 4. Bio Mag 5. Countdown 6. Hazardous To Yourself 7. The Daily Grind 8. Feeding The Fire
[code]h**p://'s%20Gone.mp3 h**p://'s%20His%20Name.mp3 h**p:// h**p:// h**p:// h**p:// h**p:// h**p://[/code] Rock The Silence - Audio Alchemy Whiskey Records Reviews Hard core rockers: here is the band of your dreams. They are all about the vocals. With influences like Strung Out and Sunset Fiction it's no wonder why everyone flocks to see them. They just have this energy that pulls you into their world of dreams. But with Steve (singer) leaving I don't think the band will ever be the same. Their lyrics are what give this band their uniqueness. "Dead Ashes Cosentine" tells the story of a dream of love, and the pain of death which comes along. Suggested tracks...End of January, Too Many Questions, 10,000 Poisoned Kisses and Severence. [img]http://www.smashmagazine.com/Issue%208/cd/cd_silence.jpg[/img]
    01 Fortissimo Y Vivage 02 End Of January 03 Orange 04 The Day The Earth Stood Still 05 10,000 Poisoned Kisses 06 Dead Ashes Cosentine
[code]h**p:// h**p:// h**p:// h**p:// h**p://,000%20Poisoned%20Kisses.mp3 h**p://[/code] Rock The Third Eye Blind - The Third Eye Blind Apr 8, 1997 Elektra Reviews Third Eye Blind's eponymous debut is catchier than the average post-grunge album, and that fact alone reveals a lot about the band. Instead of relying on standard, plodding grunge influences, Third Eye Blind draw heavily from the simple hook-laden traditions of classic arena rock, which makes the album more immediate. Unfortunately, this also makes it a little simplistic -- the group can craft a naggingly memorable hook, as evidenced by the single "Semi-Charmed Life," but they aren't always able to fashion them into songs. Still, Third Eye Blind is easy on the ears, and its straight-ahead professionalism makes it a pleasurable listen for post-grungers. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide [img]http://images.windowsmedia.com/img/prov_w/300_80/075596201223.jpg[/img]
    1. Losing A Whole Year 2. Narcolepsy 3. Semi-Charmed Life 4. Jumper 5. Graduate 6. How's It Going To Be 7. Thanks A Lot 8. Burning Man 9. Good For You 10. London 11. I Want You 12. The Background 13. Motorcycle Drive By 14. God Of Wine
[code]h**p:// h**p:// h**p:// h**p:// h**p:// h**p://'s%20It%20Going%20To%20Be.mp3 h**p:// h**p:// h**p:// h**p:// h**p:// h**p:// h**p:// h**p://[/code] Rock Depeche Mode - Songs Of Faith And Devotion Mar 23, 1993 Reprise Reviews In between Violator and Songs of Faith and Devotion, a lot happened: Nirvana rewrote the ideas of what "alternative" was supposed to be, while Nine Inch Nails hit the airwaves as the most clearly Depeche-influenced new hit band around. In the meantime, the band went through some high-profile arguing as David Gahan turned into a long-haired, leather-clad rocker and pushed for a more guitar-oriented sound. Yet the odd thing about Songs of Faith and Devotion is that it sounds pretty much like a Depeche Mode album, only with some new sonic tricks courtesy of Alan Wilder and co-producer Flood. Perhaps even odder is the fact that it works incredibly well all the same. "I Feel You," opening with a screech of feedback, works its live drums well, but when the heavy synth bass kicks in with the wailing backing vocals, even most rockers might find it hard to compete. Martin Gore's lyrical bent, as per the title, ponders relationships through distinctly religious imagery; while the gambit is hardly new, on songs like the centerpiece "In Your Room," the combination of personal and spiritual love blends perfectly. Outside musicians appear for the first time, including female backing singers on a couple of tracks, most notably the gospel-flavored "Condemnation" and the uilleann pipes on "Judas," providing a lovely intro to the underrated song (later covered by Tricky). "Rush" is the biggest misstep, a too obvious sign that Nine Inch Nails was a recording-session favorite to unwind to. But with other numbers such as "Walking in My Shoes" and "The Mercy in You" to recommend it, Songs of Faith and Devotion continues the Depeche Mode winning streak. ~ Ned Raggett, All Music Guide [img]http://images.windowsmedia.com/img/prov_w/300_80/093624524328.jpg[/img]
    1. I Feel You 2. Walking In My Shoes 3. Condemnation 4. Mercy In You 5. Judas 6. In Your Room 7. Get Right With Me 8. Rush 9. One Caress 10. Higher Love
[code]h**p://www.paulaborges.us/Share/Depeche_Mode/Songs%20of%20Faith%20and%20Devotion/01%20I%20Feel%20You.m4a h**p://www.paulaborges.us/Share/Depeche_Mode/Songs%20of%20Faith%20and%20Devotion/02%20Walking%20in%20My%20Shoes.m4a h**p://www.paulaborges.us/Share/Depeche_Mode/Songs%20of%20Faith%20and%20Devotion/03%20Condemnation.m4a h**p://www.paulaborges.us/Share/Depeche_Mode/Songs%20of%20Faith%20and%20Devotion/04%20Mercy%20in%20You.m4a h**p://www.paulaborges.us/Share/Depeche_Mode/Songs%20of%20Faith%20and%20Devotion/05%20Judas.m4a h**p://www.paulaborges.us/Share/Depeche_Mode/Songs%20of%20Faith%20and%20Devotion/06%20In%20Your%20Room.m4a h**p://www.paulaborges.us/Share/Depeche_Mode/Songs%20of%20Faith%20and%20Devotion/07%20Get%20Right%20With%20Me.m4a h**p://www.paulaborges.us/Share/Depeche_Mode/Songs%20of%20Faith%20and%20Devotion/08%20Rush.m4a h**p://www.paulaborges.us/Share/Depeche_Mode/Songs%20of%20Faith%20and%20Devotion/09%20One%20Caress.m4a h**p://www.paulaborges.us/Share/Depeche_Mode/Songs%20of%20Faith%20and%20Devotion/10%20Higher%20Love.m4a[/code]
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