Britney Spear's 40 Million dollar Playboy Spread
Britney Spear's 40 Million dollar Playboy Spread
wolf_pack aghhhh...u're welcome in advance[:D] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
wolf_pack Emmie, Britney, Mitney....I could care less bout her name or the so called hoax[:)]
VeGaS Dobri cicinja, inache nishto posebno [B)]
killerr We were swamped with emails over the weekend (okay, three) asking us if this photograph purporting to show Britney Spears from a shoot for Playboy was the real thing or not. Britney hasn't been returning our calls since we posted those fake porn shots a while back, but we're pretty sure we would've heard something by now had she decided to take Playboy up on their $40 million offer - and besides, there's something about that nose that doesn't look quite right to us. Of course, you're free to believe what you want. Britney Spears Nude Picture Internet Hoax Photos said to be of Britney Spears naked circulating around the internet are fake. Eric Striffler who took the original shots says he didn't even realize his model looked like Britney Spears. "I sure didn't. It was just another fun photoshoot with a stunning model, where we were just having fun" he tells Undercover News. "Of course I'd like all my images from all my shoots to get the equivalent amount (or more) attention. But I shoot to create an image I like, that's the important part". So who is the girl in his pictures? "Her name is Emmie from Iowa, and it was the first time I had worked with her" he says. "I did not pick up on any resemblance to Britney either in person or from the photographs. In fact, I still don't see the likeness. It has been a great compliment to hear from hundreds of Britney fans around the world that they fancy Emmie now more than Britney". Eric is a New York based photographer whose work can be viewed at
SirAndReW Foteljata na prvata slika e dobra.. Ne mi se dopagja vopshte Britney :) Strog sum?:(
The_Crow devojceto stanala zena u majkata kolkavi i porasnale ne ocekuav deka bile olkavi dajte malce da vidime kako i lici toj trudnickiot fustan slusam deka federlajn ne cekal mnogu ja plesnal i go naprajle.
wolf_pack какво девојче бе, 23 години е она. Уше 7 па ќе биде 30[:D][:D][:D]